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Summary of September’s Municipal Council’s Meeting

8 septembre 2011
  • First, an interesting news for users of Lachute’s sports and recreational activities for which Brownsburg-Chatham reimburses 50% of the non-resident fees. These will now be claimed directly from Lachute to Brownsburg-Chatham, freeing the citizens and reducing paperwork.
  • Jean-Sebastien Patrice delivered a letter signed by more than a hundred people seeking two amendments to the transaction with the MRC d’Argenteuil on the land along the Outaouais River, of which the Smith land:

1) That the share of the City of Brownsburg-Chatham does not apply to this transaction;

2) That the MRC d’Argenteuil agrees to resell at the same price and under the same conditions said lots if   no concrete development and acceptable to Brownsburg-Chatham is proposed within sixty months of acquisition.

  • Residents have expressed disappointment at having been ill-advised on the time for the briefing on telecommunication towers allowing access to high speed Internet. This service is essential to enable all citizens to access a better quality of life and many are waiting impatiently. The document prepared by the MRC d’Argenteuil to ensure proper installation of these towers should be available at the City of Brownsburg-Chatham soon, as announced by Mr. René Tousignant, General Manager.
  • The Citizens Action Committee (CAC de/of BC) had addressed the issue of dividing the territory into electoral districts. So here are, in brief terms, the benefits we have identified.

Dividing the territory of Brownsburg-Chatham into electoral districts

 More democracy in municipal government

 Division of the territory into electoral districts:

1 vote for a councillor to represent you and 1 vote for the position of mayor


1. To ensure that the population has equitable representation in the municipal council, no matter where the people live. But for that to happen, the new electoral map has to take into account the equity of the population situated in the city centre as well as the one situated in the outskirts.

2. The time it takes to vote is shortened because the number of ballots is reduced from seven to two.

3. The link between voters and members of the municipal council is reinforced.

4. Running as a candidate in a municipal election is easier for any interested candidates because there is less territory to cover in an election campaign.

5. Municipal expenses for a partial election are reduced:

Partial election in a single district = $9 000 to $10 000

Instead of:

Partial election in an undivided territory = $40 000 to $50 000

(For example: The cost of the 2008 partial election was $41 182.56).

Therefore, the Citizens Action Committee of Brownsburg-Chatham welcomes the process initiated by the elected representatives of the city, which is a common sense approach to ensure an effective and democratic management of the municipality.

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