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Next council meeting on Monday July 4th & Summary of June Meetings

1 juillet 2011

The next council meeting will be held Monday, July 4, 7:00 pm at the Community Centre Hall-Louis Renaud, 270 Canton Road, in the Saint-Philippe sector.

Summary of the meeting of June 6:

The presentation of the financial statement, which used to be apart of a special meeting was held within the regular meeting. This resulted in lengthening the meeting. If you were interested in the subject and you missed the session, you will have to rely on the written documents, which are available at City Hall.

The financial statement shows a deficit of 276,876 in 2010. As it was not budgeted in 2011, it will need to be absorbed.

The public was to be consulted about the development of parks. Mr. Dinel announced that the consultation will not take place.

Citizens spoke about the importance of keeping the arena. That with which Mr. Dinel agrees. The members of the CAC of BC wish to emphasize that we support this position, out of respect for the builders, for users. And as it can be said for the library: to keep our city alive. As stressed by a citizen, Browsnburg-Chatham is the second largest city in the MRC d’Argenteuil. We also note that the arena of Brownsburg-Chatham was the first to be built in the territory.

Moreover, it was recalled to the mayor and councilors that the library is as important to keep in our municipality. Mr Dinel has finally said he would do everything possible to keep both the library and the arena.

Mr. André McNicoll, councillor, raised the question of the sale of the said Smith land to the MRC d’Argenteuil. He considers this transaction not to be to the advantage of the municipality of Brownsburg-Chatham since the city will be tied to future decisions taken by the MRC and will need to provide its share each time a developement is put forth, which will all the more reduce the profit derived from the sale.

We are concerned with employee turnover. We estimate 18 of them have left. We are preoccupied with the instability that affects the administration of the municipality. We asked the mayor if he had indeed met with Mr. René Tousignant again to replace the general manager. In this regard, Mr. Dinel did not wish to respond. We have since learned of the departure of Mr. Pierre Charron. We therefore are up to four general managers in two years.

The evening was punctuated by, « I do not know. No idea. I do not answer. » The atmosphere was tense.

Second council meeting in June (special meeting):

We have been informed a few hours before the holding of the special meeting. This was to adopt a resolution to mandate Me Longval to represent the city with the aim to dissolve the Société de développement économique de Brownsburg-Chatham (SDEBC) because of irregularities at its last general meeting and refusal by members to admit new ones.

It would be useful to note that 60 people showed up to the said general assembly, each demanding to be admitted to the Société. Me Longval was present as well as Mr. Guilbault, with whom the City has negotiated an agreement outside of court through the services of Me Longval.

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