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May 9 Municipal Council Meeting’s Summary

23 mai 2011

1) The consultant Jean-Guy Theoret was commissioned to study the possible merger of the library service with that of Lachute. However, as noted by Cynthia Dubé, a member of the library committee which  had been formed by the city and member of the CAC of BC, it goes against what had been decided by the committee. Indeed, there was to be a site survey to determine where would be the best place in Brownsburg-Chatham to host a new library, now being obsolete. How can we determine if a merger with Lachute would be a preferable choice  if we do not take the time to look at options at home?

Ms. Dubé has requested that the study on the merger be made available to the public before an agreement is reached between the two cities. Mayor Dinel said it went without saying.

The CAC of BC calls on Brownsburg-Chatham citizens

to protest outside the library on Saturday

June 4 at 2:00 PM to express loudly and clearly:

My library in Brownsburg-Chatham,

my choice.

affiche non fusion

2) The mayor was not able to respond when asked about the waltz of employees in City Hall. It was confirmed that the Clerk, Ms. Marie-Josée Larocque, is on sick leave and the responsible for recreation leaves in June.The many departures, returns with wage increases, sick leave, dismissals, this cannot ensure a heatlhy administration nor allow employees to provide the best possible service to the public. Equity in terms of wages has also been questioned. A public works director who earns as much as the CEO raises questions. The fact that he was hired by the mayor rather than the CEO as well. In this regard, see the short guide to local participation (click here, in French) on page 9, the diagram demonstrates the hierarchy and structure within a municipality.

3) The Family Festival will be held this year in the park Roland Cadieux.

4) Marc-Olivier Labelle, now president of the Société de développement économique de Brownsburg-Chatham and a member of the CAC of BC, for his part stressed the development opportunity that was missed in the Sucrerie project. In effect, a contract was signed when the administration Dinel arrived, but it was canceled to make way for the hockey school project, which is now definitely dead in its tracks. Mr. Labelle has requested that the contract be read in public, which was refused by the mayor.

5) Ms. Paule Blain Clotteau asked that Mr. André McNicoll be reinstated to the plénier (meetings of the elected, which are not public). The latter denied the accusations of Mr. Dinel to the effect that he did not respect the confidentiality of these meetings. Rather he believes that his exclusion is justified by the criminal charges he brought a against the mayor. For those who missed the local newspapers, The Review archive its articles on the Web (click here).

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