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Summary of council’s meeting held on April 4th

8 avril 2011

Fifty people have shown up to what turned out to be a quiet and short meeting.

Mayor Dinel asked Madam Clerk, Marie-Josée Larocque, to read from the regulations of the city on the subject of the question period, saying he would apply the guidelines more thoroughlly in order to avoid slippages. He suggested that he may have helped to let things go as he is « for democracy. » Too bad he did not apply the text in question which states that a counselor can clarify points. Indeed, Ms. Paule Blain-Clotteau tried twice to add information, but was not allowed to speak.

Pierre Leclerc, a citizen of the Vieux-Verger reminded the mayor and councillors that the agreement with the city stipulated that with 60% of the development of a sector, the city must proceed to the asphalting. On a borrowing bylaw announced on the agenda for residential development Cadieux, he was told that those residents will pay. The pay as you use rule prevails.

When asked whether the tax increase was unanimous among the councilors, the answer was positive. According to Mr. Dinel, 12% of the increase is due to past deficits, 8% to prevent further deficits.

Regarding the development of downtown, a study was made, it should be updated. Although merchants have not been approached, according to our private survey, Mr. Quevillon said that consultation was done by an outside firm. The Veterans Park is disfigured by a retention pond, it will remain. The pavilion was vandalized, « We will put people on it. » In regards to the revitalization program downtown, the mayor says there was never any money set aside in a special account. Ms. Clotteau said the amount decided was $ 50,000.

The mayor chose not to comment on allegations that he assaulted a counselor.

The Director of Public Works, Ms. Barbara Guy, left on her own. Sylvain Allard was rehired. It is reasonable to believe that it has negotiated its return, under what conditions? Good news, the website of the city does not need to be updated since the name of Mr. Allard had not yet been withdrawn.

A citizen found it unfair that the taxpayers should pay for the lawsuit against Ms. Clotteau, whereas she has to defend herself with her own money. The mayor said he had offered to pay for itself, but the board had decided to defray the costs.

The summer day camp, after the population has been surveyed, will be held at Carillon. A parent disappointed by this decision requested that the survey results are released publicly. He also complained of the lack of respect for the English community that receives communications from the city in French.

An out of court settlement with Ms. Brigitte Dagenais, whose restaurant in downtown has been expropriated, compensates for $ 223,000, contingent upon obtaining a loan by-law of $ 300,000. Does wanting to avoid at all costs legal fees cost more to the taxpayers in the end? Does it not create dangerous precedents?

A citizen expressed concern about the environmental consequences that spreading magnesium chloride near rivers and forests may have, and asked that the city checks with the Ministry of Environment. In a similar vein, we learned the commitment of the city in the programme Climat municipalités with the help of a subsidy that allows to make an inventory of GHG emissions. Unfortunately, the mayor took pains to clarify that it did not commit to anything more whereas the goal of the program is « to induce municipal agencies to develop a plan to reduce their GHG emissions sustainably in their territory.  »

Users of the Internet café in the library will be pleased to learn of the two computers purchase. Late fees are increased by $ 0.02,  now at $ 0.12.

The transaction of land along Route 344 between Brownsburg-Chatham and the MRC of Argenteuil could not be achieved because the ministry requires that the land be sold at its true value. But the mayor says that the transaction will be, only with other conditions.

Serge Riendeau has been appointed as the representative of the city within the Urban Planning Committee, a function which adds up  to that one of representative with the Société de développement économique de Brownsburg-Chatham. Mr. Benoit Girouard for his part was named as a member of the Urban Planning Committee to replace Alain Claveau, who resigned at the last meeting.

Finally, it should be noted that the next council meeting will be held the second Monday of the month rather than the first, that is May 9 instead of May 2, 2011.

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