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Let’s pay our taxes under protest

15 janvier 2011

To pay our municipal taxes is to send the message that we accept the increase of more than 20%. Let’s pay them under protest, thus expressing our disagreement while retaining our rights to contest as well as avoiding penalties.

Let us know you are participating ( or 450-495-8327) so we may evaluate the impact of the proposal and if we have the popular support to go further. Your name will remain confidential. Only the number of participants will be displayed.

What is a payment under protest? Imagine that you have had work done by a contractor who did not do it properly. But he requires you to pay you and threatens to impose penalties. You decide to pay, but write « under protest » on your check. You can then sue in court. Without this inscription, you waive your right to sue.

How to pay under protest?

1) You are paying by check: You write « under protest » on your check, you send it as usual to the city. It is the easiest.


2) You send your tax account at your financial institution, which is making the payments, write « under protest » on the first detachable coupon.


3) Your financial institution will automatically receive the tax bill. Before February 9, send the letter provided. But make sure you have proof that you sent it, otherwise it will not be recognized legally. Proof of transmission: by fax (450-533-5795) and print a report from your fax, email ( and print the email, you will have the date, time of transmission and the recipient; registered mail; hand deliver it to the City Hall and ask for an acknowldgement of receipt.

Forward to all your fellow citizens. Print the pdf versions for those without Internet access. And don’t forget to notify us of your participation! 450-495-8327


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