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The CAC of BC questions the 20% tax increase

7 janvier 2011

A few days before Christmas, the administration of Mr. Dinel presented and adopted its budget for 2011. It provides an average increase of property tax of 20%, one of the largest tax increases in Quebec.

The CAC of BC would have wished to analyze the budget in detail. This has not been possible since no copies of the document were as yet made available to the taxpayers.

Still, one wonders on some of the consequences this drastic measure will have on our municipality’s future. 

1- What impact will this increase have on people with fixed income or a limited ability to pay: pensioners, young owners? Will we see a migration of the most vulnerable citizens ?

2- How will the businesses react to an increase in their fixed costs? Is there not a risk of them seeking better conditions elsewhere? Should we fear some job losses in the near future?
3- Won’t this measure discourage young real estate investors who will prefer investing in communities where property values offer better opportunities for growth?
4- Besides the economic development, will we see a decline in the demographics as this might very well discourage young families to settle in our municipality?
5- Who will want to buy a property on the territory of Brownsburg-Chatham if the tax rate is much higher than all surrounding municipalities?
For all these reasons, the CAC of BC wonders if the council has not chosen the worst possible solution in order to achieve the “financial health” so dear to the current administration. It questions the need for such an increase and requests that the council puts forth its reasoning.

Elsewhere in Québec, taxpayers are protesting over an increase of 5%. Should the citizens of Brownsburg-Chatham let this increase go without questioning the relevance of such a choice, since it is indeed a choice? Mayor Dinel said in an interview on 98,5 FM that the public understands and accepts. Is he right?
For its part, the CAC of BC is concerned about the consequences of such a decision. And what about you, are you concerned about this increase? Do you disagree? Your mere presence at the next city council meeting would already send a message to the council. Be there on Monday January 10 at the Hall Community Centre Louis Renaud, 270 Canton Road (Saint-Philippe), 7:00 PM. 

To learn of the budget provisions for the library: 



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